Restructuring - employment law

Restructuring Can Be An Excuse To Retaliate Or Discriminate

The biggest lie in business is that “Nothing will change after the merger or reorganization.” Any experienced employee knows that things restructuring inevitably means that some jobs or even whole departments will no longer exist at the company. Restructuring is a strategic decision that businesses undergo in the hope of minimizing operational costs and maximizing…

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Recognize negligence at school: Childhood safety

Your child came home with a broken wrist in the early school year and a broken arm later in the fall. Now, only a few months later, your child ended up in the hospital with a broken ankle.The incidents happened during your child’s monitored gym classes, so you’re not sure why he was allowed to…

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Employees Rights and COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Employees’ Rights

Employees have the right to file a petition for compensation under workers’ compensation laws, but many do not, for fear of retaliation. Some figure that if they keep quiet, they’ll keep their jobs. Still, when something significant happens that causes a layoff, such as a coronavirus outbreak, these employees may have a hard time getting…

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Paid Sick Leave - Employment Law

Can You Use Paid Sick Leave If You Have Covid-19?

My name is Michael Burgis. I’m a trial attorney and I’m a certified legal specialist in California Workers’ Compensation. I’m also very well versed in Employment Law. Should I Use Paid Sick Leave If I Can’t Work Due To Coronavirus? Ultimately, one of the questions I’m getting a lot is regarding Paid Sick Leave, especially…

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