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Do you know the leading cause of on-the-job deaths?

Workers face many dangers in the workplace. Construction workers can fall from ladders or get injured by power tools. Factory workers can get injured by heavy machinery. Even office workers can slip and fall down the stairs. No matter what you do, the odds of a serious — and even deadly — accident probably sit higher than you're comfortable with.

Utility company warns loggers about workplace accidents

Loggers, tree fellers, landscapers and even those who only trim the branches of trees must never lose sight of the hazards of their jobs. Too many lives have been lost in preventable workplace accidents in this industry. The utility provider Pacific Gas and Electric Company recently reminded California tree workers to research and identify high voltage power cables before they start to fell trees.

Your rights as a pregnant employee in California

Being pregnant while working can naturally create some challenges, even in the best of circumstances. This is because many expectant mothers go through health struggles intermittently in their pregnancy, or suffer considerably at certain periods. For example, pregnant women who are suffering from extreme morning sickness may be forced to take time off work, and they may even need to be admitted to the hospital. Furthermore, many pregnant women struggle with insomnia, which could also affect their ability to work throughout their pregnancy.

Heat-related workplace injuries and illness can be fatal

Every summer, thousands of California workers risk their lives working outdoors in extreme heat. Although work doesn't stop when conditions become hazardous, the risks can be mitigated. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health goes to great lengths each year to urge employers to prioritize the safety of employees who are at risk of suffering heat-related workplace injuries or illnesses.

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