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Could your job give you a heart attack?

Pressure only seems to grow with every day on the job. Your work is never done. Customers are never happy. You can never do enough for your boss. You end up working late nights, scrambling to meet endless deadlines and picking up the slack when your coworkers can't get their own work done on time.

Workplace injuries caused by heat exposure are preventable

Safety authorities say thousands of workers nationwide suffer heat-related conditions each year, including in California. Sadly, dozens of those victims do not survive the workplace injuries and illnesses caused by heat exposure. Although construction workers are most vulnerable, farm workers, warehouse workers, roofers and other outdoor workers are also at risk.

Potential symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis

If you injure your knee at work, especially in a job that puts constant stress and strain on your joints, you could face risks of post-traumatic arthritis. While many people think of arthritis as something that simply impacts your body as you grow older, this is a specific type of disorder that occurs after a knee injury. Examples of potential injuries include:

Workers' compensation: Did your injury happen at work?

The insurance premiums that California business owners have to pay are directly tied to the number of claims they file for occupational illnesses and injuries. For this reason, some employers attempt to avoid filing workers' compensation benefits claims, and some workers fear retaliation if they report work-related injuries. Unfortunately, the risk of even more serious injuries is exacerbated by allowing an injured or ill worker to continue working without medical treatment.

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