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Announcing Carina Izakelian as a RisingStar 2022

Announcing Carina Izakelian as a RisingStar 2022

Congratulations are for Carina Izakelian, an attorney at Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. She was recently named a 2022 Rising Star by the Thomson Reuters Corporation. As a leading name in national lawyer rankings, the Thomson Reuters Corporation only chooses the very best lawyers for this honor.

What Is the Rising Stars Selection Process?

To be selected as a Rising Star, an attorney must first go through the vetting process for Super Lawyers. Those who are not chosen to be Super Lawyers can then be evaluated for Rising Star status. For this to occur, the potential candidates must either be 40 years of age or younger or have worked as a lawyer for ten years or less.

Your peers nominate in the first step in the Rising Star evaluation process. Generally speaking, nominators will select a lawyer they have personally worked with or one they have observed in their practice. Of those nominated, a very few will be chosen as Rising Stars. The rest will be evaluated as potential Super Lawyers. In the end, just 2.5% of attorneys in the state will be able to call themselves Rising Stars.

The Benefits of the Rising Star Designation

When someone requires the assistance of a lawyer, the process of finding a high-quality attorney who specializes in their needed practice area can be challenging. Many lawyers without experience or the required credentials will advertise their ability to assist you. Still, naturally, it’s easy to make an error in judgment and choose the wrong one.

This is where the designation of Rising Star comes into play. Lawyers who have been designated as Rising Stars have been thoroughly evaluated as top lawyers in the state. This designation gives consumers confidence when choosing them to represent their cases.

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