Informational Videos for California Injured Workers

Workers’ Compensation Deposition Preparation and General Overview

The information in this video applies generally to Workers Compensation depositions and may vary based on the facts of your case. Any questions or concerns, feel free to call. MB&A is here to help bring “Recovery to the injured.”

California Workers’ Compensation – Explanation of types of injuries.

Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. provide a general overview of the types of injuries within California Workers’ Compensation.

California Workers’ Compensation – Temporary Disability explained.

Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. provide a general over view of temporary disability within California Workers’ Compensation.

Temporary disability, TD, T.D., partial temporary disability, PTD, P.T.D., 2/3 of salary, two thirds of salary, 2 years max – What is this and why am I not getting my full salary? This is a brief breakdown/summary of Temporary disability.

California Workers’ Compensation – How a case can settle / settlements explained.

Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. provide a general over view of settlements within the Californian Workers’ Compensation System

Stipulation and Award, Findings and Award, Compromise and Release? What are these and how should I settle my California Workers’ Compensation Case. This video will briefly breakdown some of the options.

California Workers’ Compensation – Permanent Disability explained.

Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. provide a general over view of permanent disability within the California Workers’ Compensation system.

If you sustain a work related injury (California) and go on to have a full recovery (or a Company Doctor indicates that you have not sustained Permanent Disability) based on the current workers’ compensation system – the injured worker generally does not obtain ANY monetary compensation. California does not allow pain, suffering or general lost wages for damages – Injured workers do not get made whole. This video will briefly explains the permanent disability system and how a injured worker can obtain recovery through the Californian Workers’ Compensation system

Workers’ Compensation General Over View – 5 minute summary.

Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. provide a general over view of California Workers’ Compensation.

Workers compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that offers monetary awards and benefits to employees who suffer from a work related injury, accident or illness. You can receive benefits for a wide variety of work related injuries, including: back problems, eyesight deterioration, falls, broken bones, lung disorders, amputations; and cancer.

A work injury can be caused by any number of reasons, such as poor working conditions, heavy lifting, repetitive motions, defective machinery or exposure to toxic chemicals. Since your compensation amount depends on having a qualified work injury lawyer in your corner, you want an attorney committed to your success. You want MB&A

Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. Law Firm Introduction

Founded by Michael Burgis, Esq., the Law Offices of Michael Burgis & Associates (MB&A) is a one-stop-shop for all of your legal needs. If the MB&A team does not specifically handle your case, we will refer you to a qualified attorney in the appropriate field.

MB&A strives to build strong, long-term relationships with its clients, with an emphasis on personalized individual attention, which allows the team to fully assess the clients’ medical and legal needs in seeking the maximum recovery under the law.

The firm’s experienced and knowledgeable legal team advocates to bring recovery to the injured.

MB&A offers a free initial consultation and case evaluation. Clients do not have to pay any legal fees until compensation is recovered.

Understanding how Workers’ Compensation can offset Social Security payments

A brief explanation of how Workers’ Compensation settlements can affect and offset Social Security payments and how to minimize or eliminate any offset.

California Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

Attorney Michael Burgis provides a brief breakdown of California Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits.

When someone passes away as a result of an industrial injury or accident, there is a claim for Death Benefits, separate from the civil claim.

Watch the video to learn more !

Home Health Care Benefits – Getting a care taker compensated!

A brief explanation on California Workers’ Compensation Home Health Care Benefits. Getting your spouse, family member or friend compensated for taking care of you during a debilitating workers’ compensation injury.

Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund (SIF)

Attorney Michael Burgis provides a brief description of how to get benefits from a state trust fund when you have a preexisting disability and a serious subsequent work-related injury.

Combined value, Pre-existing disability, subsequent injury explained and the elements necessary to obtain workers compensation disability benefits from the Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund.

We work on contingency basis – No Recovery, No fee.

The Law Offices of Michael Burgis & Associates, P.C. works solely on a contingency basis; this means if we do not charge a fee unless we obtain a recovery.
All legal consultations are 100% free. All representation is at no financial risk to our clients.

Failure to accommodate or engage in interactive process in California workers compensation cases

An employer has a duty to engage in an interactive process with a disabled employee to see if they can make reasonable accommodations to continue employment. If your employer fails to accommodate or engage in the interactive process you may have a valid civil claim for damages. Give us a call for a no fee consultation.

Preparing for a Qualified/Agreed Medical Examiner appointment

A brief video preparing a prospective client for an appointment with a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) or an Agree Medical Examiner (AME).

California Workers Compensation Discrimination in Filing Claim Labor Code 132A

California Worker’s Compensation Attorney Michael Burgis provides a brief explanation of labor code 132a, claim for discrimination for filing a worker’s compensation claim. It is absolutely illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee for filing a worker’s compensation claim.

This is a serious violation of California’s labor code, you might also be entitled to file a civil claim against the employer.

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California Workers Compensation Serious and Willful Misconduct Labor Code 4553.1

California Workers Compensation and Employment Law Attorney Michael Burgis provides a brief explanation of a potential additional claim within the work comp system called Serious and Willful Misconduct Claim that potentially could increase the value of your worker’s compensation claim by 50%.

Please watch the video for more details on Work Comp Claims in California.

Como prepararse para una cita con un doctor neutral

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Como prepararse para una cita con un doctor neutral en su caso de compensacion de trabajadores lesionados.

1. Sea totalmente honesto con el doctor
2. Hable sobre lesiones en su pasado si existen
3. Llegue a tiempo
4. Sea amable con su doctor
5. Evite tomar medicina para el dolor antes de su cita
6. No exagere sobre su dolor

New Employees at MB&A

The firm has hired two new employees to help combat the stress from employment and workers’ compensation litigation. You just might get attacked (playfully) by these little guys when you are at the office – they are guaranteed to make your smile.

Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers – Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers In California explained

If you sustained an industrial injury you may be entitled to a voucher to be retrained for another job!

Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Requests – Post SB 863

The new era of workers’ compensation medical treatment post Senate Bill 863 (2013) allows insurance companies to deny greatly needed medical care through neglect and incompetence. Injured workers’ need to elect a great Primary Treating Physician who knows how to properly justify treatment requests (RFAs). Stay informed and get an attorney!

What Is A Workers Compensation Claim?

Attorney Michael Burgis explains what a workers compensation is and what it isn’t.

Employers Duties In Workers Compensation Cases

Attorney Michael Burgis explains employer duties during workers compensation cases.

Wage And Hour issues In Workers Compensation cases – Recovery for the injured

A brief explanation of wage and hour issues in worker compensation cases.

Stipulation and Award Settlement In Workers Compensation

Supplemental Job Displacement Vouchers

Are a qualified injured worker ? You might be be entitled to a 6000.00 voucher towards retraining to learn new skills.

Here, at MB&A, we work on a contingency basis.
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No Fee.
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Compromise and Release Settlements In Workers Compensation

A brief explanation of compromise and release settlements in workers compensation.

How Senate Bill 863 Affects Workers Compensation Medical Treatment

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An explanation of California Workers’ Compensation medical treatment post Senate Bill 863 (2013). How to deal with denied care, denial of medical treatment, what is utilization review, what is Independent Medical Review, Can I appeal the deal, etc.