Jesus Rodriguez 30/09/2015

My name is Jesus Rodriguez, I am originally from the bay Area, now I’m here in Los Angeles Im currently a store manager for T Mobile wireless. We had an issue with fresh signs that they help me take care of, due to a lower back complaint that I had, I had a lot of recurring methods of work like bending over, you know pick up metal slags. That was the biggest one for us there. They had no support in regards to forklifts or any back supports, therefore everything was manual, manual work, and we would always you know, complain to it and nothing was done in regards to it. My experience was very pleasant with them, they took care of me, and they explained to me everything from point A to point Z. I walked in and they treated me you know, awesome. They gave me every sense of urgency behind the case I was developing, I was afraid that I would lose my current job, you know, they gave me that peace of mind that I really needed. I just can leave my immediate future in their hands and turned out to be you know, what I was looking for, so they helped me out from point A to point Z. My case was approximately 6 months, and the outcome of my case…we ended up settling a price. Of course I would definitely use and recommend Michael Burgis and Associates

Arnold Kraft 30/09/2015

My name is Arnold Kraft, I resided in Castaic California, I was rear-ended in a company vehicle and sustained multiple neck injuries and came to Michael Burgis’ for the case. My experience with Michael Burgis and associates was very very satisfying from the beginning to all the way in, with all of his associates and at the firm and his office his professionalism from day one from me meeting him to day one to where he handed over a six figure check, very happy. My case took approximately a little over a year, and the final outcome was that I was able to get a six figure check for my pain and suffering and everything that went along with the case. I would definately recomend Michael Burgis and associates to anybody that I know.

David Martinez 30/09/2015

My name is David Martinez, I’m from Ontario California, and I’m a mortician.
I used Michael Burgis & Associates for a worker’s compensation claim, I was injured at work, moving a body from one table to another, I was down for about six months or so. In bad pain, going to the chiropractor, lots of doctor visits. At first I contacted an attorney that you would normally see on T.V. which did nothing for me, and I just happened to be on Youtube and seen an advertisement for Michael Burgis and associates and listed to all his videos clips that he had and from then I knew he would be the one to represent me. The case took roughly two years and the outcome was great, the first settlement I got I declined, and when Michael Burgis and associates stepped in, he got me more money than I expected which I was very happy.
Their staff was very professional, Israel was great, walked me thru the whole thing, any questions I had he would answer them, either through e-mail or call me on the phone, If I called him he would normally call me within 24 hours, if I had any questions. When I met with Michael himself he was great, he explained all that my case would take place what my options were, what he was going to do for me, and it was a 100 percent guaranteed. I would highly recommend Michael Burgis and Associates.

Jerry Dileva 30/09/2015

My name is Jerry Dileva,
My case involved multiple injuries and multiple dates, so it seemed very complicated and confusing.
My previous attorney didn’t return my letters or my emails, and I really felt that she didn’t represent me correctly, when I met Michael, I went to his office and there in his office he explained to me about my case and that it was going to be very complicated, he mentioned to me that he was going to do the best he can, for me, my family and for my future needs.
He is surrounded by a staff, a staff so excellent, they are very knowledgable, professional, and very kind and courteous.
One in particular is a case coordinator, named Yaneth Escobar, I often called her and she would be more than kindly to answer my questions. When Mike took the case, two years and about two months, he wen’t through the case, and what my case involved was the injury and the dates, and it was to the point where it was confusing, the defense attorneys actually appealed it two times, Michael Burgis wrote an appeal for me and the book was actually 3 inches long. I feel that michael is one of the best, my case became a law and to be honest with you I was very hurt, so bad that I was wondering how can I help others, that’s my whole life, helping others.
And when I learned that my case became law for the State of California, which is Dileva vs the Northrop Grumman Corporation, I was excited.
If you are really serious in a Worker’s comp case, what can I say, Michael Burgis is the guy, his staff will treat you right, you’ll go in the right direction, and I guarantee you will win.

Vivian Encinas 29/09/2015

My name is Vivian Encinas, I live in Hacienda Heights, California and I am a Regional Field Manager. I retain Michael Burgis ans Associates for Workman’s Comp Injury. My experience with Michael Burgis was an excellent experience. I had been with another attorney and always felt uncomfortable and with Michael… it’s very open, his staff will call you back, will email you, will just keep in touch with you to say that everything is…that you’re doing fine. My case took 18 months with one attorney and 6 months with Michael Burgis and it was resolved. The outcome of my case I was very satisfied, I received a great compensation, something that I really didn’t expect. I would definitely use Michael Burgis, I would recommend him to all of my friends or to anyone that would need him.