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Some uncommon workplace injuries are compensable

Some uncommon workplace injuries are compensable

Although the manufacturing and construction industries in California are regarded as the most hazardous work environments, other sectors also pose risks. While struck-by accidents, slips and trips that lead to falls, overexertion, and falls from heights are frequently reported workplace injuries, other not-so-common hazards exist. Lost work time usually means lost wages, which could threaten any worker’s financial stability.

Delivery persons, repair technicians and others whose jobs require them to visit clients’ homes face dog bite hazards. Dogs are unpredictable, and they can attack when least expected. Not only can dog bites cause severe physical injuries, they can also cause psychological harm. Colds and flu are illnesses that are not typically regarded as work-related, but a significant number of cases arise where many people work in close contact such as in call centers.

Workplaces that expose workers to excessive noise levels, bright lights and even chemicals pose hidden hazards. Those who work in these environments without the necessary personal protective equipment can suffer vision and hearing loss that has nothing to do with their ages. Another unusual injury involves slipping and falling elsewhere on the employer’s property instead of inside the actual workplace. In most circumstances, injuries suffered in such incidents are regarded as work-related if they happened while the worker was on duty.

Regardless of the type of workplace injuries or illnesses California employees suffer, the medical expenses and lost wages might be compensable. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assess the circumstances, and if the condition is work-related, regardless of how uncommon it might be, benefits might be obtainable. Legal counsel can assist with the navigation of a benefits claim.

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